So I took the advice of the internet when it came to finishing a first draft and moving on to editing. I waited a bit. Some people like Mr Stephen […]

The planning is complete! Well, it is to a point. I’ve started writing my novel in, so far three chapters are complete as a first draft and I am trying […]

I am writing a novel and have been for a while now. It’s still in the planning phase but I will be actually writing it soon. This has led me […]

I have been working on my first novel for a couple months now. I have managed to complete a rather detailed chapter summary of each chapter and yesterday I managed […]

This website/blog/whatchamacalit has been alive for a while now…however I haven’t done much with it. I was going to use it predominantly to share some of my miscellaneous short stories […]

The Path to Shadorean

The mist dissipated as light broke over the horizon of the valley. The air was still and cool, untouched by the mighty heat of the Second Sun. No insects made […]

“Good morning Mr Shoren,” the Butler said in the smokey voice I had come to know so well. He ,or she I could never tell, was wearing a dreadfully boring, […]

Push To Pull

Roger stood at the top of the flat mountain. What an oddly shaped piece of rock. He bent low, concentrated his Force underneath himself. Made sure that it was gripping […]